Do not dare to do it on your own, with the help of a stone mason Oxfordshire.

At the time of preparation of the raw material, we must know that the stone mason Oxfordshire has a number of members that make up a group to meet the different steps of the process. From the extraction, the cutting, the design of the form to the final details, different artisans intervene that are complemented by teamwork. They usually have a workshop, space, where they can work comfortably and be a suitable place for work of such magnitude.

The place must have the lighting and the correct space, the distribution of the machines and tools keeping them out of danger, safety before the edges, electric power stable enough to support working with different equipment at the same time and free of short circuits, in which the water filtration system must work correctly in the same way. Have a special uniform that contains boots anti-slip and astringent current, masks to take care of dust, glasses, and gloves.

At Coulonstone we always available to help customers; it may be an artisan, a mason who manipulates the stones so that they are in optimal conditions; but he has a very high knowledge of interior design, and uses this to build on the designs of his structures, shapes, and combinations.

The stone mason Oxfordshire dominate the areas of science and security at the practical theoretical level, also physical skills for the handling of materials and tools, and the realization of the smallest details on the surfaces.

From ancient times, the stone mason Oxfordshire left in his pieces, subtle marks on one side or corner, as a sign that this work belonged to them. The most common is usually the acronyms of their names, in other cases signatures, points or lines. They sell their pieces with these brands, thus gaining popularity and followers of their works.

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