The extracts of plants or oils will always be better for the skin in the long term, such as the creamy Organic Shea Butter.

Using cosmetic products for skin care containing chemicals or ingredients such as sulfates, triclosan, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances among others can be quite detrimental not only to the skin but also to the environment, besides they are not regulated by the FDA nor are they obliged to reveal about the chemical substances they use, enough reasons why they should try to use only organic products of good quality, which provide great benefits by owning only natural components, and have fewer toxins.

Extracts of plants or oils will always be better for the skin in the long term, such as the creamy Organic Shea Butter cold pressed from Sans Pareil Naturals. This butter is possessed of 5 fatty acids and vitamins F, A, K, and E that not only moisturize the skin but by containing olein oil the Nilotica Shea Butter become much more effective to protect the skin than the Western Ghanaian Shea Butter.
Among some of the attributes of Shea butter we can mention that it contains anti-inflammatory agents, and having a high degree of vitamin A helps the production of collagen, improves the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, it is a natural blocking SPF of 6 -10 that protects the skin from UV rays and pollution, can be used in different organic recipes, and stored properly can last up to two years. When you buy our shea butter you will receive an exclusive recipe book that includes ideas on how to use it as a lip balm and many more.
At Sans Pareil Naturals we are dedicated to providing 100% organic and safe products, we have a team that complies with strict norms of fair Trade Shea butter, as well as promoting safe working conditions and empowerment to communities so that create prosperous businesses, and we also protect the environment.
To learn about our fair trade program and everything we do at Sans Pareil Naturals you can access our website

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